Grace and Bob Banta Celebrate Their 50th Wedding Anniversary

This past March 16th, 2018, Grace and Bob Banta celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary aboard the cruise ship, Caribbean Princess, by reenacting the wedding ceremony and by renewing their vows. Their wedding 50 years ago, which is described in detail in Grace’s memoir, Graciela, No One’s Child, took place at sea on a sailing yacht off Diamondhead, Hawaii.

A close friend and the person who gave Grace away at their wedding, Norman Lachapelle, and his daughter, Celeste, assisted in the ceremony.

Here is a video composed by Bob of the recent celebration. Norman and Bob are seen in the very US Navy uniforms they wore those short 50 years before. They hope you will enjoy the video.

Grace and Bob lived in Abqaiq from 1982 to 1985 and Dhahran from 1985 to 2000.

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