Engr. Col. (R) Rifat Hayat NED69ers Mechanical visited Karachi - May 2016
From L to R: Engr. Iqbal A. Khan, Engr. Sharif Ur Rehman Malik, Engr. Rifat Hayat, Engr. Babar Ghaznavi, Engr. Omar Vowda, Engr. Mohammad Akber Ismail, Engr. Absar Ahmed

Engr. Col. Rifat Hayat NED69ers Mechanical is settled in Lahore after retirement from Pakistan Army. He called me from Lahore that he is planning to visit Karachi for two days and wanted to meet NED69ers who are in Karachi. I tried to call all the friends available in Karachi but due to a very short time only few could attend. Engr. Omar Vowda suggested that the day we were planning to meet is Friday so instead of looking for any venue it would be fine if you all come to my office in Bath Island we can stay for long and have lunch together. So we met at Omar’s office on Friday May 20, 2016 at 11 O’clock. The attendees were as follows:

  • Engr. Col ®Rifat Hayat ( The Chief Guest ) - Mechanical
  • Engr. Omar Vowda ( The Host ) - Mechanical
  • Engr. Sharif Ur Rehman Malik - Electrical
  • Engr. Absar Ahmed - Mechanical
  • Engr. Babar Ghaznavi - Mechanical
  • Engr. Mohammad Akber Ismail - Civil
  • Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan - Mechanical
Engr. Col. (R) Rifat Hayat NED69ers Mechanical visited Karachi - May 2016

We all met at Omar Vowda’s office and to my surprise except me all the others met Rifat Hayat after 46 years meaning after leaving the college they never met. I met Rifat in 2014 when I went to attend an Institution of Engineers Seminar in Lahore. It was real pleasure meeting old buddies after such a long time.

Engr. Abul Hassan Jafri, Engr. Tariq Said Bukhari, Engr. Iqbal Hameed, Engr. Rahmatullah Ganaai and Engr. Edulji Kersi could not join us because of the short notice as they all were having some prior commitments with their families.

We all discuss lots of old and sweet memories of NED and our experience during our professional career. Engr. Omar Vowda announced that he is planning to attend the 6th Reunion of NED69ers to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada USA – November 4th-6th 2016.

Engr. Babar Ghaznavi suggested that we should compile a list of all NED69ers who are no more with us so that we can pray for their Maghfirah in all our prayers. He further stated that very soon we all will be needing the same as everyone has to leave this world it is only matter of time, few are gone and rest are in queue to leave. I have the names for few of our late friends, I request all NED69ers to forward me the names they are aware of to me at their earliest.

Engr. Col. (R) Rifat Hayat NED69ers Mechanical visited Karachi - May 2016
From L to R: Engr. Sharif Ur Rehman Malik, Engr. Mohammad Akber Ismail, Engr. Rifat Hayat, Engr. Absar Ahmed, Engr. Iqbal A. Khan

While we were going for Friday prayers we found many kids and families sitting outside the office of Omar. On enquiring we were told that Omar Vowda and his son Faisal Vowda have arranged to distribute free lunch to one thousand poor people on a daily basis. The distribution is at three places in the city, at the office (300), at his house (400) and one more location (300). May Almighty Allah accept their good gesture and reward them accordingly, Ameen.

After Friday prayers when we were back a very delicious lunch was served to all the attendees. The good part of the lunch was that all the dishes were prepared by Engr. Omar Vowda. We all enjoyed the lunch, later a very good dessert was served and finally we had a nice cup of tea.

It was a short and a nice reunion of NED69ers and hope that we will continue meeting like this in future as well. We all dispersed with lots of memories and meeting each other and remembering all in our prayers. We all thank Engr. Omar Vowda for his hospitality and wish a very safe journey to USA and request him to convey NED69ers good wishes to all who will be attending the 6th reunion in USA.