CEO Ramadan Message

Dear colleagues,

As we begin the blessed month of Ramadan this year, we are continuing to successfully adapt to new realities.

Everyone who is a part of this great company has shown agility, patience, and flexibility during this time. And all of us are contributing to a vital purpose: Supplying the world with the energy that will speed the recovery, drive the Kingdom’s development, and build a better future.

As we use this time to reflect, I am proud of our first responders — our firefighters and emergency crews who prepare constantly to deal with any emergency. I am proud of our colleagues in remote areas who will be away from their families this month. I am proud of our health care workers on the COVID-19 front line, and of our security colleagues who work 24/7 to keep us safe.

Although we are still not able to mark the Holy Month of Ramadan in the normal way we know, like you, I hope the end is now in sight. Many of us and our families have now received a COVID-19 vaccine. Each dose helps protect a loved one and takes us one step closer to a more normal way of life. With infections rising, getting vaccinated and continuing to follow the government’s public health advice is the only way we can end the pandemic.

And, of course, Ramadan remains a time of giving, compassion, and harmony. That is why this year’s Ramadan donation campaign will support orphans, widows, and elderly people with their medical and social needs. The company will match any amount you generously donate.

Finally, we can reflect with pride on how we truly adapted and lived our values over the past year. Our values will sustain us over the final stages, and get us to the day when we can all reunite with our colleagues, friends, and family as before.

I wish you and your families health, safety, and peace.

Ramadan Kareem!

— The Arabian Sun: April 14, 2021 | Vol. LXXVI, No. 15