Abdulateef Al-Mulhim
Abdulateef Al-Mulhim
Commodore, Royal Saudi Navy (Retired)

Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is currently visiting the United States. The action-packed royal visit is very important for the world and the entire region. Riyadh and Washington are two key players on the stage of global politics.

It is necessary for the two countries to cooperate on various regional and global issues so as to ensure lasting peace in the region and to effectively extirpate the menace of terrorism.

The Saudi-American ties are not only important for the two countries but a good equation between the two friendly nations is important to the region and the entire world. The royal visit comes at a very crucial time, as many countries around the world are facing economic difficulties and terrorism. The Middle East, due to multiple reasons, is facing unprecedented instability. Those who are well-versed with the dynamics of global politics know the importance of a stable Middle East for the entire world. In such a situation, we need increased cooperation from our time-tested allies to ensure stability in the region.

Saudi Arabia and the United States have always enjoyed cordial relations. Timings of the ongoing royal visit is of utmost important for the Kingdom as well, as it is embarking on a new path of development, as envisaged in the recently announced Saudi Vision 2030. The Kingdom is taking measures to do away with its dependence on oil income. In order to diversify its economy, the Kingdom will not only need to make necessary changes at the domestic level but it will also need to make adjustments at the international level to achieve it goals. At such a crucial stage, Saudi Arabia will definitely need its trusted allies to help it implement the ambitious plan.

Saudi-American economic ties are considered one of the most extensive in the world and the trade between the two countries had never slowed down since the discovery of oil in the Kingdom in 1938. Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is working relentlessly to liberalize the Saudi economy and the United States has a lot to offer in this regard because of its unchallenged position as the largest and most advanced economy in the world.

In addition to this the visit is also an extension of the extensive communication between the two countries.

In the past few years, Saudi-American relations were strained due to difference of opinion over some regional issues. We all believe that it is a normal thing and strong ties between countries are not affected permanently due to such issues. Fortunately, these differences never hindered the Saudi-US efforts to find solutions to stop the ongoing violence in the region.

Both Saudi Arabia and the US have the capability and willingness to work together to find solutions for many of the complicated issues of the region. It was done in the past and can be done now. The fast-changing situation in the region calls for the further modernization of the Saudi armed forces and our leadership is working overtime to achieve this goal so as to further strengthen the defenses of the Kingdom.

Discussions on defense and security are also on the agenda of the deputy crown prince.

One of the vital issues on the agenda is security cooperation to combat terrorism, which is becoming complicated and unpredictable. Today’s terrorism is taking a different form. This is why it is important for countries like Saudi Arabia and the US to work together to eradicate terrorism and to take preemptive measures to ensure safety of their respective citizens.

The deputy crown prince’s visit highlights the importance of Saudi Arabia in the international arena. Saudi Arabia had and still plays a vital role in enhancing and stabilizing the world economy and politics and this is the reason respected US media outlets should highlight the constructive role the Kingdom has so far played for the stability of the world.

Written by Abdulateef Al-Mulhim. Cementing Riyadh, Washington Ties reprinted with permission of Arab News and Abdulateef Al-Mulhim.