by Chiara Ciampricotti Iacoangeli

Boy Scouts Hold Joint Fundraiser Golfing Event

On Saturday, Nov. 7, the Rolling Hills Golf Club (RHGC) and the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Troop 1 hosted a joint fundraiser golfing event. The event was planned to be held in March, but it was delayed until November due to COVID-19.

Celebrating 70 years of scouting in Dhahran, BSA Troop 1 are an active group of approximately 80 young people, with an age group ranging from 11 up to 18, who support their community by serving their varied needs. Troup 1 upholds the philosophy of the BSA, with the teaching of leadership skills, resourcefulness, and a drive to help others through the many events they organize for the scouts to complete merit badges and life skills, which leads to their ultimate goal of becoming an Eagle Scout.

The pandemic interrupted all of the scout’s face-to-face and outdoor meeting activities, but thanks to the numerous resources made available, the scouts were able to continue their journey online. Although they were not able to participate on the day of the event due to COVID protocol age restrictions, their efforts of selling tickets and offering golf cart washes last winter contributed to the success of the tournament.

Boy Scouts Hold Joint Fundraiser Golfing Event

The Long Preparation

The volunteers started the long preparation of the Texas style smoked beef brisket at 2 a.m. (it’s a process of smoking meat at “low and slow” temperatures between 225 °F and 250 °F via indirect heat for 8 or more hours).

It was all worth it, as the players raved about the organization, prizes, and most of all, the delicious brisket sandwiches that were provided for the players to enjoy. A crew of 25 parent volunteers led by Scout Masters Matt T. Weaver and Crystal W. Jacobs, along with the tournament project lead, Zainab Imbran, worked as a team to pull off this event.

Boy Scouts Hold Joint Fundraiser Golfing Event

Top Scores of 29

At 6 a.m., the registration began. The weather cooperated nicely as 84 players made their way out on the course for a Red, White, and Blue Scramble; the format proved to be a perfect one for winners Robert L. Baggett, Tom M. Coghill, Craig A. Walle, and Judd Spurlock, who scored 29. Their two net Eagles on the last hole proved to be the difference.

Dhahran community members donated their expertise and their artwork as prizes for the contests. The winners of the contests were: Closest to the Pin — Hole #4: Christopher J. Acker; Hole #8: Edward R. Devlin; Hole #11: Chang Woo Son; and Hole #14: John P. Woycheese.

RHGC provided support to the event. Jeff D. Meisner, Tournament director, assisted the Golf Tourney Planning Team. Devlin, president of the RHGC, spearheaded the effort to support BSA Troop 1 in their goal of raising funds to replace equipment essential to provide a safe and meaningful scouting experience.

Detailed coordination with the Recreation Services Department was necessary to obtain approval for hosting a safe event that followed COVID protocols. The logistical support provided by the Troop 1 Recreation advisor, Gregory T. Steininger, was instrumental to the tournament’s execution.

— The Arabian Sun: November 25, 2020 | Vol. LXXV, No. 46