The Abqaiq Cookbook - 1973

4 quarts flour (measure before sifting)
10 tbsps. Baking Powder
4 tsps. Salt
4 tbsps. Sugar
2 cups dried milk
2 cups shortening

Mix dry ingredients, add shortening and mix thoroughly.

To Store: Keep in cans or jars with tight-fitting lids.  Keeps on cupboard shelf 6-8 weeks.

For Biscuits: Combine mix and enough water for soft dough.  Roll and cut out biscuits.

Bake at 450 degrees.

Frozen Biscuits:  Make full amount of mix into biscuits.  Place on cooking sheets and freeze.  Store in plastic bags.  Do not thaw before baking.

Yield: Approximately 10 dozen.

Cindy Bailey, Abqaiq