Baranby of Arabia
Baranby of Arabia
Photograph by Wendy Cocker

Following on from “401 Arabian Sights”, Wendy Cocker’s newest CD is named “Barnaby of Arabia” and has just been released.


In “Barnaby of Arabia”, Barnaby B. Bear tells the story of his life as an expatriate bear in Saudi Arabia. He goes to school and the pool, talks about living on his compound, goes shopping in Al Khobar, takes a weekend camping trip into the desert, and looks at rocks and archaeological sites around Saudi.

Such penetrating questions as the following are answered, along with other vital information.:

Baranby in Dhahran

What is it like to live in Dhahran?

Baranby Camping

Where to camp in the desert?

Baranby Exploring

Where can he find Petroglyphs from Long, Long Ago?

Told on a CD (viewed with Acrobat Reader 5.0, included), Barnaby B. Bear’s story is written for children in elementary and middle school.

The story will give:

  • grandchildren
  • cousins, nephews, nieces
  • friends
  • school classes in home countries
  • prospective expatriate families

a light-hearted look at, and an appreciation for, life in Saudi Arabia.

Wendy Cocker
Wendy Cocker