Wendy Cocker
Wendy Cocker

In the early days of Aramco ExPats, imagining our photo galleries filling up with photos depicting life in and around Aramco camps was an exciting prospect. Wendy Cocker was up to the task. She had already created two photos-on-CD compilations, one titled "401 Arabian Sights" and "Barnaby of Arabia," the name of an adventurous stuffed bear who often made a guest appearance in Wendy's photos. The following links will take you to the many photos Wendy shared with the Aramco ExPats community.


Arabian Sights

Barnaby of Arabia

Barnaby of Arabia by Wendy Cocker

The Invaluable Photo Contributions Made by Wendy Cocker

"Following on from “401 Arabian Sights”, Wendy Cocker’s newest CD is named “Barnaby of Arabia” and has just been released."